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Petitie: "AIESEC Baile Felix"

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Hello Everyone,

Since "Hope is not a strategy" and we have to take actions in order for something to happen, well here I am to do it.

My term of LCP in AIESEC Cluj-Napoca will be over soon, so I need something challenging for me and therefore I am writing this petition.

Since you've been hearing me saying a lot AIESEC Baile Felix during RYLF, here I am with an online petition to open AIESEC in Baile Felix.

I will personally contact the MC and AIESEC in Oradea in order to establish the Market Split for the Initiative Group.

I already thought about the Structure so I will have firstly:
- Local Committee President
- Local Committee Vice-President Finance & Legality
- Local Committee Vice-President incoming Global Volunteer

If I missed something or you have any question, please let me know!

Take care!


Autor: Vlad Idita
Categorie: Propuneri, idei.
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